Ginger: uses and its renowned properties

Tonic, stimulant, digestive, anti-inflammatory and much more .. this is ginger. A spice with great healing properties.

Rich in properties, the Ginger ( Zingiber officinale Roscoe ), also known by the English name Ginger, is a perennial herbaceous plant, about 90cm tall and belonging to the Zingiberaceae family .

The Ginger plant has an underground stem, formed by a branched rhizome from which vegetative stems are born. The medicinal part of ginger is just the rhizome (which most people mistakenly calls it root ), rich in essential oil, gingerin, zingerone, resins and mucilage.

Originally from India and Malaysia, ginger develops better in tropical places (with high temperatures and high humidity) but cultivating ginger is not so difficult for us, either in full soil or in pot (but it must be wide because the plant develops in width). To grow ginger in the home it is possible to take the rhizome and plant it under the earth a few centimeters. Water often but with little water (it is also good to spray it with water to recreate the humidity typical of countries of origin). In winter you have to be careful of the low temperatures that can damage the plant.

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