Snails, the latest trend for a younger face

From fish pedicure to leeches : every summer we are faced with a new trend regarding the search for beauty and youth . The last frontier of anti-aging treatments uses snails. Nature is full of alternative, more or less strange and effective alternative beauty remedies. We really do not know how many women would have the courage to rely on snails to appear more radiant.

Yet the new trend seems to be taking hold in Japan . Experts in the Land of the Rising Sun ensure that the action of the snails allows to eliminate dead cells, moisturize the skin and soothe the burns, as well as ensuring a deep cleansing of the pores. Would you be ready to submit yourself to a session at the beautician, complete with snails crawling on your face?

In a Tokyo beauty salon , snails now play the role of true beauticians . The animalists will certainly not be happy, since snails should be allowed to live undisturbed in their natural environment, and not used for aesthetic purposes rather than questionable.

In Japan, snails are applied directly to the face of women who undergo treatment. During their walk on the skin, release the well-known burr, which is nothing but the element considered essential for the success of this unusual ritual of skin care.

It seems that the pure snail slime has a rejuvenating and restorative action of the skin. The cosmetic products based on snail slime have become part of the commercial offer dedicated to beauty for some years now and it seems that Japan is the first country to think of their direct aesthetic application on the skin. If you are looking for a less impressive and cruelty-free beauty treatment , rely on a much greener alternative. It is the aloe vera gel , perfect against sunburn, as well as for soothing and rejuvenating the epidermis.

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