Tips: Curcuma for hair

The turmeric for the hair can be used for different purposes: lighten or donate blond highlights, such as anti-dandruff treatment or finally to make more soft and strong hair.

Turmeric hair pack If you want to lighten your hair or do an anti-dandruff treatment, the procedure for a turmeric compress is the same for both cases. It takes 1 teaspoon of turmeric to dissolve in a cup of warm water. As an alternative, the oil to turmeric, excellent for the skin of the face, can also be used for hair combining directly to the shampoo (better if neutral) that you use for washing. The recommended dose is 3 tablespoons per 200ml.

Turmeric to lighten the hair Turmeric has a lightening and reflecting effect on hair . It is especially recommended to those who have brown hair to get a blonde effect in contact with light. A lot of attention must be made by those who are already blond, turmeric could give the light hair a color tending to phosphorescent yellow, better then choose other remedies in case you want to lighten your hair or give it new reflections.

Curcuma antiforfora Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is also able to treat an irritated and dandruff scalp . Usually very few applications are enough to notice good results already. Do not keep it too long on your hair if you want to prevent it from reflecting blond. It is better to use the oil applied directly on the irritated scalp and then rinse (you can also add 2/3 drops of tea tree oil to enhance the anti-dandruff effect ).

Turmeric to strengthen the hair and make it softer Turmeric is also able, if used with a certain constancy, to make the hair brighter, softer and stronger . For this purpose the oleolite is perfect for making both short compresses (thus avoiding that the hair gets the color of the spice) or to be added to the shampoo.

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